Glacier X Aiko

Trial Pedigree

Two beautiful girls, and two wonderful boys were born on May 26. 2016.- and together they made up Aiko's, and kennel KiThoGi's, first litter.

It has been a wonderful, and educational experience to see them grow up, in our care, and with their wonderful families. We are both happy and proud to have been able to stay in touch with several of them, in their new families, see them develop, and continie to make us proud.

The preparations for this breeding started years before the breeding became a reality, with searching for the right combination for us.

A referral led us to Aiko’s mr. Right, the amazing Snowcrest’s Blu Ice aka Glacier, but fate would have it, that he lived half way around the globe.

After months of getting to know Glacier’s owner and breeder, Teresa Liles, we finally made one of the toughest decisions we have ever done, as far as our pets are concerned, and we started the preparations to take Aiko across the Atlantic, to live with Teresa and her wonderful dogs for as long as it would take.

However, Teresa made everything a lot easier than we had thought it would be – and two and a half months later, we crossed the Atlantic for the second time, full of hopes and dreams that everything had worked out.

And one month later, little heartbeats showed up on the ultrasound monitor, at the vet’s office.

On May 26. 2016, we welcomed four amazing babies into our lives.

On July 17. 2016 we had the puppies temperament tested by Helle Mulvad, who is a very expirienced puppy tester approved by the Danish Kennel Club.

The puppy temperament test is based on the same priciples as the adult mental test (Mentaltest) developed and performed within the Danish Kennel Club.

The results of the test is given in writing and eloborated on by the tester in person.

The puppies' written conclusions sounded as follows:

KiThoGi's I'm All In:

On the day, a very social and cooperative puppy is seen. She shows curiosity and ability to concentrate well. She is calm during the entire test, and relaxes completely when having to wait. A very harmonic puppy who will be able to develop into an amazing Akita in the right family.

KiThoGi's Flip of a Coin:

On the day, a very layed back puppy is seen. He is very social and works focused and thinks about the task at hand. Could be more curious during passive moments in the test, but achieves what he has to. A super good boy, who can become an amazing pet in the right family.

KiThoGi's Bet the Limit:

On the day, a somewhat socially dependent puppy is seen. During the entire test, she would rather leave the enclosure. She demonstrated a large amount of willingness to play and cooperate with the tester. A girl who knows what she wants, and fast. A dog that will probably demand a bit more from its owner, as she is mentally strong and on top of things.

KiThoGi's Joker in the Pack:

On the day, a very social a curious puppy is seen. He takes things in a calm and relaxed manner. Shows good social contact and interest in the tester. Avoids provocation, and does not wish to challenge the tester. Shows a bit of conflict when his courage fails, but moves on well with a little help in cases where he is not able to manage on his own. A nice puppy that can develop into a good pet in the right family.


Overall, the tester was very impressed by the temperaments of the puppies, and we are naturally very satisfied with the results.

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