(Kodiak Canyon Stealin' Hearts)



Reg. No.:  DK16331/2013 

Aiko is our pride and joy.

She has the biggest personality that you just cannot help to fall in love with.

Very unlike the breed, she loves everyone even most other dogs and other animals too - and will show this love whenever given the chance.

But let not her sweet and playful nature fool you, she is still an Akita, stubborn, strong-willed and the queen of our pack.

Aiko was the first Akita in Denmark to be temperament tested, within the Danish Kennel Club, where she was praised for her strong and sturdy temperament, her ability to move past a bad experience and her attitude and trust in people.


Hips: A/B
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: Clear


Some of Aiko's show results:
30. May  2015  Spidshundeklubben.  Judge: Zindy Munsterhielm-Ehnberg, Finland - BOS + CERT
05. Sept  2015  European Dog Show Oslo.  Judge: Juan Carlos Vasconsellos, Paraguay - 3rd best open bitch
10. Nov 2017 European Dog Show 2017, Leipzig. Judge: Jorge Nallem, Uraguai - 4th best open bitch.

13. May 2018 Danish Kennel Club, Roskilde Judge: John Muldoon, Ireland - 2. Best bitch RES. CERT + CACIB.


One of her critiques:
Very nice presentation, very nice temperement, lovely expression, very close to breed standard, very beautiful ears, lovely dark eyes, good teeth and bite, nice neck, very good topline and tail set, strong bone, coat in great condition, lovely legs and feet, moves well and showed well.

Judge John Muldoon, Ireland.