(Ichiban's Springtime Affair)


Reg. No.:  09168/90 

Kuma was the boy who started it all.

He was the first Akita to ever set paws in Kiki's life, when she was just a little girl.

Little did her parents know that they started a lifelong love and passion for the breed, when they brought this wonderful boy home, at 5 months old, from Carl Jensen - Kennel Ichiban's.

Kuma was a big, black masked boy who was very breed typical both inside and out.
He didn't care much for strangers or other dogs in general, with the exception of a select few, who took the time needed to gain his interest and his trust.
He was, however, a faithful guardian and a compassionate member of the family.

Kuma was born at the time, when the two types of Akitas, were still considered as one breed, but even though he lived through the initial years of the split, he was never type specified. However, looking at his pictures today, there is no doubt in our minds that if he had been, he would have been named an American Akita.

The loss of Kuma left a large hole in Kiki's heart which still remains to this day. He will be forever loved, missed and remembered.